Brickwork arches are typically seen on older heritage style buildings which were built in the early 1900s or before.  They are a beautiful, classic and elegant decorative brickwork feature and can be constructed in many different styles and sizes.

There was a time when all bricklayers could build or restore brick arches, bulls-eyes and other decorative brickwork features but sadly this has become somewhat of a dying art.  These days, many Sydney bricklayers would not attempt to restore an arch in need of repair, let alone build a new one.  Some might attempt it, however the end result will often look clumsy and patchy and may in fact cause more damage to the original arch than was already there.

We specialise in and are passionate about heritage and restoration brickwork.  Having learned the craft of traditional brickwork in England, together with years of experience of breathing new life into older buildings both in England and Sydney, Chris is more than qualified to restore any damaged brickwork arches or build new ones to match in with your existing brickwork.

One of our clients added an arch brickwork feature over their window on an internal wall.  See the pictures below to see just what a difference it made.

                        'BEFORE'                                                           'AFTER'

Here are just some of the other arches we have built and repaired for our clients in recent years:

                                                Click on any picture to zoom in