Paving - Utility and Beauty Making A Statement

Paving will transform your outdoor living area and give it the stylish, individual touch you’re looking for.

Paving is great for high traffic areas and because it is low maintenance, you can spend less time mowing and weeding and more time enjoying your outdoor living area.

We can design and build a paving solution for any area around your home including outdoor entertaining areas, pools, patios, courtyards, verandas, driveways, footpaths, under pergolas, other alfresco areas, steps and drying areas. 

Paving can be used to create a feature area in your garden landscaping.  Whether you like the idea of a complete revamp to create a contemporary space or you prefer a more classic, traditional feel, we can help you breathe new life into your outdoor area.

There are many different materials and arrangement patterns to choose from including natural stone pavers which are an excellent choice for your back or front yard and around a pool, cobblestones which are suitable for driveways, footpaths or as a feature area and brick pavers which are an affordable and durable option and can give you a classic brick finish, particularly when laid in a herringbone pattern.  You might also like crazy paving stones where random shaped pieces interlock to create a seamless decorative finish.

We specialise in using reclaimed materials, particularly reclaimed bricks and reclaimed stone which add instant character and olde worlde charm to any building project.  To see some examples of the use of reclaimed bricks, take a look at the first two sets of pictures below where we used reclaimed bricks to create the paving for an outdoor entertaining area. The first set of pictures is an example of our herringbone pattern paving work, while the second set of pictures is an example of our basket weave pattern paving work.  

Take a look at the pictures below for some 'before' and 'after' examples of our paving work.

                                'BEFORE'                                                                             'AFTER'

'BEFORE'                                                                             'AFTER'

'BEFORE'                                                             'AFTER'

'BEFORE'                                                             'AFTER'


Here are some other examples of our paving work:

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