Lime Mortars - Using a Traditional Material to Create a Timeless Look That Will Last Forever

Having trained and worked in England for many years, Chris Winters is one of the only bricklayers / stonemasons in Sydney who knows how to use lime mortar properly and without it failing. 

Traditional lime mortar is superior to the more commonly used cement based mortar for several reasons.  Over time, buildings naturally ‘settle’ causing minor movement in walls.  While cement based mortar might crack with this movement, lime mortar moves along with the walls giving it greater longetivity.  Unlike cement based mortar, lime mortar also ‘breathes’ and allows water to escape from walls which helps to keep damp problems at bay.

Using traditional lime mortar will also be in keeping with the original style of heritage buildings.

Lime mortar can be a difficult material to work with and may fail if it is attempted without the relevant knowledge and experience.  Lime mortar will fail if it is not mixed in the correct proportions or if it is not cured properly.

Winters Bricklaying and Restoration can repoint your existing brickwork or stonework using lime mortar or we can build a new structure (e.g. an extension) for you using lime mortar in order for it to match in with the existing structure.  Arches and decorative features can also be repaired and restored using lime mortar.  Various pointing styles can be used to suit your taste or to match the original style of your building.