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Reclaimed Bricks & Stone

Using salvaged building materials isn’t just about creating beautiful spaces.  With almost a third of Australia’s industrial waste being generated by the construction industry and masonry materials (bricks, stone etc) accounting for 37% of all industrial and residential waste together, the choices we make as homeowners or professionals in the industry can make a real difference.

Warehouse conversion 'before' and 'after' photos:

It’s so rewarding to work with clients who are as passionate as we are about designing and creating beautiful structures in an environmentally sustainable way.   Using reclaimed, repurposed or recycled materials not only saves them from becoming landfill but also enables us to create one-of-a-kind, designer features which are inspiring and come with a story.

Reclaimed materials can be used at home or in retail or corporate environments with many boutique shops, restaurants, hotels and spas using them to create atmospheric spaces which have a depth of character that new materials just cannot provide.

We have worked on some amazing projects over the last few years with clients who have embraced the idea of using reclaimed bricks, stone and cobblestones in building or extending their homes, paving their outdoor entertaining areas, building stone piers and more.  One of our clients asked us to help breathe life into his inspired plan to convert an old concrete warehouse into a reclaimed brick warehouse complete with decorative features including recessed bonded segmental arches, bullseyes, corbelling, indents, isolated piers, stringer courses, and soldier courses.

Some pictures of our work with reclaimed (also referred to as salvaged or recycled) bricks, stone and cobblestones can be seen below.

Outdoor BBQ: