Chris Winters - A Short Biography
                           Chris Winters - A Short Biography                           

Chris Winters is a highly skilled and experienced bricklayer and stone mason.  He has learnt the ancient crafts from traditional craftsmen while undertaking a three year apprenticeship in the north of England and has added his own creative interpretation to it.

Chris is also an artist with an arts degree in applied arts and has built enormous anagama kilns and woodfired kilns out of bricks.

"I love working with creatives and bringing your creative projects to life. Unlike the average tradie, I really appreciate art and creativity and bring together my earthy, grounded, hands on craftsmanship with inspired artistic and creative talents".

He is versatile in presenting his workmanship in both traditional and contemporary styles. Examples of Chris' fine work can be seen in both Australia and England.

Chris has 30 years of experience in the industry and is fully qualified, licenced and insured.

Chris is a small project specialist including repairs and remedial work.

Chris is a builder and artisan who has worked on many restoration and conservation works including repairing and rebuilding the wall at Waterlow Park in Highgate, London which was highly acclaimed and later won an award.

Chris's workmanship is of an extremely high quality and adds exceptional value to any property.